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Note: An upgraded version of EDNA, called EDNA 2, is now available as an on-line calculator. It is faster, contains more physical models, and allows the user to sweep an input and plot outputs a variety of outputs. Click here to go to EDNA 2.


EDNA (Version 1-2)

EDNA simulates the current within a heavily doped region of a semiconductor in 1D. Its primary purpose is to determine the emitter saturation current J0E and the collection current JLE of an emitter diffusion within a solar cell. These values can also be determined for a back-surface field.



Keith R. McIntosh and Pietro P. Altermatt.

  • K.R. McIntosh and P.P. Altermatt, "A freeware 1D emitter model for silicon solar cells," Proc. 35th Photovoltiac Specialists Conference, Honolulu, pp. 2188–2193, 2010.

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