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Semiconductor material

  Excess electron conc. Δn cm–3
Dopant atom

  Excess hole conc. Δp cm–3
Substitutional conc. Ndop cm-3   Electron eff. lifetime τeff e s
Temperature T K   Hole eff. lifetime τeff h s



Carrier concentrations


Carrier mobility etc.



Equilibrium Excess Net   Mobility Diffusivity Diff Length
  n0, p0 Δn, Δp n, p   μe, μh, μa De, Dh, Da Le, Lh, La
  (cm–3) (cm–3) (cm–3)   (cm2V–1s–1) (cm2s–1) (cm)


11000 1.0E+15 1.0E+15   1099 28.40 0.05329


9.9E+15 1.0E+15 1.1E+16   426.9 11.03 0.03322


        970.5 25.09 0.05009
Equilibrium ρ0 1.464
Steady-state ρ 1.083

Figure inputs



First x cm–3
Last x cm–3
Data points  
Mobility vs substitutional dopant concentration
for boron-doped c-silicon with
T = 300 K, and Δn = Δp = 1E+15 cm–3

Computation time: 0.000 s.

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Welcome to the mobility calculator

Welcome to the mobility calculator.

The program calculates the following outputs: the mobility of electrons μe and holes μp; the ambipolar mobility μa; the equivalent carrier diffusivities, De, Dh and Da; the equivalent diffusion lengths, Le, Lh and La, for user-defined effective carrier lifetimes, τeff e and τeff h; and the semiconductor's resitivity in equilibrium ρ0 and steady-state ρ. The outputs can be plotted as a function of Ndop, Δn = Δp, or T.

The assumptions used in the calculations are described on the ''About'' page.


Neither PV Lighthouse nor any person related to the compilation of this calculator make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information disclosed or rendered by this calculator.

Version 1.2, 13-March-2015

New in this version:

  • The option to select the Schindler et al. mobility model.
  • The option to set more physical models for the semiconductor, such as the ionisation and band-gap models.
  • The input for the dopant concentration now represents the substitutional dopant concentration rather than the ionised dopant concentration. (To revert to it to the ionised concentration, set the ionisation model to '100% ionisation'.)

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