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Solar cell dimensions

Length Xcell cm
Cell area Acell 243.4 cm2
Solar cell design
Measurement setup

Front contact

Rear contact

Emitter resistance ρsq Ω/sq
Number of elements N   P  
Busbars NB  
Pads per busbar NP    
Fingers per busbar NF      
Finger spacing SF 0.120      cm
Element dimensions N   P
Pad length LP    μm
Pad width WP    μm
Busbar width WB    μm
Finger width WF      μm
Material properties
Element Material   Resistivity   Contact resist.   Cost   Cross section profile   Height
      (Ω⋅cm)   (Ω⋅cm2)   ($/cm3)       (μm)
N busbars/fingers          
P busbars          
P coating          


      Rs grid Rs contact Rs total Front metal A V Cost
      (Ω⋅cm2) (Ω⋅cm2) (Ω⋅cm2) coverage (%) (cm2) (cm3) ($)
  N METAL (Front) 0.058 0.058 10.355 25.200 0.066
  P METAL (Rear) 0.033 0.033 243.360 0.727
TOTAL FOR CELL 0.092 0.092 10.355 268.560 0.793

Computation time 0.063.


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Welcome to the grid calculator

The user selects the geometry, resistivity and price per volume of the metal, as well as the dimensions of the cell. The calculator then determines the surface area, volume, series resistance, shading, and cost of the metal. The calculator can be used to help maximise a solar cell's efficiency or $/Watt.

The variables and contact designs are defined on the Definitions tab.


Neither PV Lighthouse nor any person related to the compilation of this calculator make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information disclosed or rendered by this calculator.

Version 1.1.1, Released 21-Mar-2014

New in this version:

  • The calculation of the cross-sectional area of pseudorectangular elements has been corrected. In previous versions it was calculated incorrectly when 2*Height > Width > Height/2. Within this range the cross sectional area was lower than it should have been, making the series reistance of those elements higher than it should have been.

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