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Reference: Cite this reference when publishing results that incorporate the data below.

[Pal85d] E. Palik, Handbook of Optical Constants of Solids Vol I, Academic Press, Orlando, pp. 577–580, 1985.

Significant figures:

Wavelength n   Wavelength k α
(nm)     (nm)   (cm–1)
206.61.110 206.62.2801.387E+6
225.41.350 225.42.5101.399E+6
248.01.690 248.02.7601.399E+6
258.31.860 258.32.8501.387E+6
269.52.070 269.52.9301.366E+6
281.82.300 281.82.9901.333E+6
295.22.560 295.23.0401.294E+6
310.02.870 310.03.0601.240E+6
326.33.210 326.33.0001.155E+6
344.43.550 344.42.8801.051E+6
354.33.730 354.32.7909.896E+5
364.73.900 364.72.6609.165E+5
387.54.170 387.52.3807.718E+5
413.34.380 413.32.0206.142E+5
442.84.470 442.81.6404.654E+5
476.94.490 476.91.2803.373E+5
496.04.470 496.01.1202.838E+5
516.64.460 516.60.96902.357E+5
563.64.360 563.60.69001.538E+5
619.94.230 619.90.461093450
652.64.170 652.60.363069900
688.84.090 688.80.281051270
729.34.010 729.30.199034290
774.93.930 774.90.136022050
826.63.860 826.68.120E-212340
885.63.770 885.64.010E-25690

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Welcome to the refractive index library

This library stores the refractive index of materials used in photovoltaic solar cells and modules. It includes the refractive index of glass, EVA, silicone, anti-reflection coatings, passivating dielectrics, silicon, and metals.

If you would like to contribute data to this library, please email it to and attach associated publications.

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The refractive index of a generic material, such as sodalime glass or SiNx, can vary substantially from one sample to another. This might be due to varying levels of impurities, or to differences in stoichiometry, or to differences in density, which all depend on how a material is formed and treated. Do not consider the refractive index provided here to represent all manifestations of a material.

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