Excitation Menu

The excitation menu offers the following commands:

Mode This command opens a dialog box which allows you to control whether excitation is applied, and if so, whether it is steady-state or transient.
Temperature This command opens a dialog box which allows you to set the temperature of the device. You can specify the temperature in either kelvin or degrees Celsius. This temperature is also used to compute adjustments to the carrier mobilities, bulk and surface recombination, optical absorption, and the exponential factor for any internal shunt diodes. However, the saturation current density, conductance, and capacitance of internal shunt elements are NOT adjusted for temperature; you must adjust these values separately for each temperature.
Source Circuits
These commands open dialog boxes which allow you to specify the Thevinin-equivalent circuits for the base and collector. These circuits are only active if base and/or collector contacts have been Enabled for this device.
Photogeneration This selection allows you to introduce photogeneration in the device. Illumination can be provided from a primary and/or secondary light source, or the photogeneration profile can be supplied from an external file.
Excitation Files This set of commands (New, Open, SaveAs) allows you to create, retrieve, or store binary files that contain all of the parameters needed to define the excitation. These excitation files, with suffix EXC, can then be used with a variety of different devices. Since version 5.0, the graph definitions are also saved in the excitation files. A toolbar button is provided to open the dialog box for retrieving a previously defined excitation file.