Compute Menu Commands

The Compute menu offers the following commands:

Run Begins numerical solution of the problem as currently set up, starting with equilibrium and progressing to steady-state or transient conditions as specified by the current Excitation Mode. A button on the toolbar (running person) provides a quick way to invoke Run.
Stop Stops the numerical computation in progress. The computation is allowed to continue for one second after this command is selected. If it has not then converged, the computation is terminated.
Continue Resumes the numerical computation that was interrupted by the Stop command. Or, if the excitation for a problem has been changed since it converged, PC1D will redo the last solution phase using the current solution as a starting point. You can use this feature to help convergence in many cases.
Single Step Computes only the next step in the solution. A “step” is defined here as the unit of computation leading to the next display of graphical information. If the Numerical dialog has been set to display plots after every iteration, then this is only one iteration. Otherwise, the computation proceeds until convergence is obtained for equilibrium, steady state, or one time step. A button on the toolbar (stepping person) provides a quick way to Single Step.
Start Again Resets the computation so that a subsequent Single Step command will start with problem initialization and equilibrium solution. Note that the Run command always starts with problem initialization.
Batch Opens a dialog box for enabling batch mode and identifying which tab-delimited ASCII file contains the batch-parameter information.
Numerical Opens a dialog box for setting the parameters that control the numerical method. These affect the number of finite elements and the convergence of the solution.