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PC1D (Version 5)

PC1D is the most commonly used software for simulating solar cells.


Link to PC1D.


Paul A. Basore and Donald A. Clugston.


PC1D Help does not work on modern Windows operating systems. A Microsoft download that rectifies this problem can be found here. Be sure that the PC1D.hlp file is in the same directory as the PC1D.exe file.

PV Lighthouse also provides an HTML version of the PC1D Help File.

  • PC1D Batch File Generator: Create external batch files for use in PC1D simulations. With an external batch file, multiple inputs can be varied and multiple outputs can be monitored.
  • cmd-PC1D: A modified version of PC1D that runs from a command line. It allows scripted simulations, permits Fermi–Dirac statistics, contains up-to-date models for Auger recombination, mobility and band-gap narrowing, and a free graphical user interface that can be run as a stand-alone executable.
  • Impurity-to-efficiency simulator (I2E): Predicts the impact of as-grown iron impurities and processing conditions on crystalline-silicon solar cell performance, enabling an optimisation of the time–temperature profile of phosphorus diffusion gettering.
  • OPAL 2: Generate and download reflection files with OPAL 2 that are specifically formatted for PC1D simulations. OPAL 2 is the most accurate way to simulate reflection and transmission at the interfaces of a solar cell.
  • PC1D Help File: HTML version of the PC1D help file.
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